Tips on the Getting around the Apple Picture Galleries

Tips for Album View

- Click on any picture to blow it up. This will enter into a Photo View. Tips for Photo View can be found below.

Album Display Modes

- The buttons in the lower left corner of the Album View, control how the album is displayed.
The View Options
- The Grid Button will display the photos in a rectangular grid.
- The Mosaic Button will display one picture blown up with all the pictures in a rectangular grid on the right.
- The Carousel Button will display all the pictures. There will be one main picture with a scroll area below that picture. The scroll area can be used to quickly scroll through all the pictures.
- The Slide Show Button will display all the photos in the album in a slide show.
- To exit a slide show, move the mouse and click the Exit Slide Show Button, Shown below.
The Exit Slieshow Button

Background color

-Right of center on the bottom of the Album View are some buttons that control the background color for the album.
The Background Selector Area
-The choices are black, dark gray, light gray and white.

Photo Sizer
- On the bottom right of the Album View is a slider that controls the size of the photos in album view.
The Photo Sizer Area
-To see more pictures, but smaller, click on the circular control, and drag it to the left.
-To see larger pictures, but fewer, click on the circular control, and drag it to the right.

Tips for Photo View
- By clicking on a picture, only that picture will be displayed. When that happens, a new set of buttons show up below the picture. The buttons look like this.
The Photo View Buttons
These buttons will automatically hide if the mouse is left alone. To make them visible again, simply move the mouse.

- Clicking the first button will download the current picture to your computer.
- Clicking the left facing arrow will bring up the previous picture in the album.
- Clicking the right facing arrow will bring up the next picture in the album.
- Clicking the "i" button will bring up textual information about the photo. Either click the "i" button again or the Back to Photo button to see the photo again.
-There is a Back to Album button in the upper left hand corner. This will return the layout to the Album View.